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Sunday, October 13, 2013

New plans to build 9000 carpark space on former greenbelt land

From the Manchester Evening News - 17th Sep 2013

Councillors considering a planning application to build a 9,000-space car park at Manchester airport will visit the site next month.

The visit has been welcomed by Wythenshawe residents objecting to the scheme, which has gone before a full council planning meeting.

The plan, submitted by Manchester Airports Group, is for a long-stay car park near the Moss Nook area and accessed from Styal Road and Shadowmoss Road.

It is in part is to replace the 3,000 spaces to be lost to Airport City, a commercial hub.  The land was classed as green belt until a government rule change in July.

Residents are objecting on the grounds of impact, noise pollution, environmental protection and loss of green space, safety issues of so many cars with petrol near an airport, increased traffic and the size of the car park.

Councillors will visit the site on 24th October 2013, ahead of their next planning meeting.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Peter Johnson leaves Hasty Lane

Having fought to save his family home for more than five years, Peter Johnson has finally been forced to leave Hasty Lane.  Manchester Airport plans to demolish two properties at the site near Hale Barns to build more freight sheds - after receiving planning permission in 2009.  As the Manchester Evening News reported however, Pete left on his own terms, refusing to give back the keys to the Airport, who own both properties, until he had completed the large task of moving all his contents out.  Peter vacated the premises in May 2013.

He said, "Without all the support of family, friends, groups like SEMA and all the other interested parties, I couldn't have hoped to resist what I still see as a criminal act, for as long as I did.  People will have to judge those responsible when we have no green areas left, and our lives are dictated by politicians and business for their narrow and selfish interests only. We allow that to continue at our peril."

Meanwhile, the Airport has begun felling trees at Sunbank Lane to make way for the World Logistics Hub.  Manchester Airports Group also made their submission to the Davies Commission into national aviation capacity.  More updates coming soon.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Manchester City Council approve plans for 'World Logistics Hub'

 Manchester City Council have approved the outline planning application for the 'World Logistics Hub' at Manchester Airport. The decision was made by eleven City Councillors of the Highways and Planning Committee meeting on Thursday 22nd November 2012.

At the meeting a local resident and representatives of Ringway Parish Council addressed the Committee to object to the plans. They raised concerns on a number of issues, from loss of greenspace to increased traffic and noise pollution in the area. Prior to the meeting 106 letters of objection had been written to the Planning Department.  Despite these concerns, the Councillors made the decision to approve the plans, as well as over 800 signatures on an online petition.

In a message sent after the meeting, Audrey O'Donovan, Chair of Ringway Parish Council said, "It fell on deaf ears, the application was approved and the warehouses and car parking spaces will be built on our beautiful 90 acres of countryside. Save Sunbank and Ringway Parish Council did absolutely everything we could to try and stop this and our core group worked extremely hard, digging for information, writing letters, leaflet dropping, talking to the press, talking to Manchester Radio".

The main issue raised by a member of the Committee was from Councillor John Flanagan, who expressed concern about the potential traffic impact around Sunbank Lane. In response to this point, the Committee decided to authorise the Head of Planning "to amend and add to the conditions where necessary", for example to put in place conditions on maintenance of the ecology mitigation zone, or on traffic restrictions.

No comment was made by the Committee on the increase in carbon emissions from an expanding Airport.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Show of opposition at Planning and Highways Committee meeting - Thursday 22nd November 2012

Thursday 22nd November 2012
Meet at 1.30pm, outside Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square (under the large Santa Claus), M60 2LA

Please join us at Manchester City Council’s Highways and Planning Committee meeting next Thursday, for a show of opposition against the latest expansion plans at Manchester Airport.

In this meeting the final decision will be made on the application for a ‘World Logistics Hub’, which would involve the construction of 43 warehouses and almost 1,500 car parking spaces on 90 acres of former greenbelt land.

Click here for more information on the World Logistics Hub application

We will gather at 1.30pm outside Manchester Town Hall. The meeting will begin at 2pm, in the Banqueting Room, Level 2, Town Hall. 

More information on the meeting and the application is available on the Manchester City Council website. 

You can still submit a letter of objection up to the day of the Committee. You should quote the planning application number 100263/OO/2012/S2.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Save Sunbank! Wildlife Walk

On Saturday 3rd November around 100 local residents and campaigners took part in a protest walk against the proposed World Logistics Hub at Manchester Airport. The protesters braved the cold to take a route around the 90 acre former greenbelt site, which is threatened by the plans to build 43 cargo sheds and almost 1,500 car parking spaces.

Local residents, wildlife enthusiasts and environmental campaigners spoke at various points along the walk, sharing their experiences of fighting Manchester Airport expansion and highlighting the numerous ways that the plans would affect local people and the environment.

The Wildlife Walk came the week after the Wythenshawe Area Committee‘recommended for approval’ the World Logistics Hub plans, on the 25th October.  The application will now be sent to the Planning and Highways Committee at Manchester City Council for a final decision on 22nd November 2012. A number of attendees at the Wildlife Walk, keen for their concerns to be brought to this Committee, pledged to attend this November meeting at Manchester Town Hall.

Several Councillors of the Wythenshawe Area Committee backed the Logistics Hub plans based on the Airport's promises of local job opportunities. However campaigners argue that job creation figures proposed by the Airport are inflated.

Jane Beetson from 'Stop Expansion at Manchester Airport' campaign  said “When Manchester Airport first announced plans for a second runway, they claimed 50,000 jobs would be created.  No-where near that number of jobs materialised.  Just like then, they are misleading the public now.”

She added, “Local Councillors say they will force the Airport to give jobs to local people but in practice they will have no way of enforcing this on the firms that move into the new office and warehouse spaces.  We need to create green jobs in sustainable industries not dirty aviation.” 

The Wildlife Walk was also an opportunity for wildlife experts to explain that Airport's promises of preserving wildlife are also unrealistic, and that creating a 'mitigation zone' is no substitution for leaving habitats untouched.

Along the route, campaigners encountered the threatened habitats of numerous plant and animal species. Several mature oak trees line Sunbank Lane, providing nesting opportunities for rare birds, and potential roosting spots for endangered bat species. The site is also home to 12 ponds occupied by Great Crested Newts, an endangered species found only in the North West of England. Walkers were also able to spot signs of protected animals for example badger snuffle holes and mole hills in the green space around Sunbank.

Manchester Mule coverage here.

Manchester Evening News coverage here.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wythenshawe Area Committee 'recommends for approval' World Logistics Hub

Objectors to the World Logistics Hub made representations to the Wythensahawe Area Committee last night.

Residents from Ringway Parish Council, Hale Barns, Cheadle, Chorlton and other parts of Manchester raised a number of concerns to the 12 City Councillors relating to loss of green space, the inflated job creation figures in the Airport's proposals, the lack of consultation in removing the specified area out of the green belt, the threat of rising emissions from the Airport, the likelihood of increased traffic in the area and other issues.

In the end, the Committee members 'recommended the application for approval', which will now be sent to the Planning and Highways Committee at Manchester City Council for a final decision (possibly on 22nd November 2012). The Committee attached a number of conditions to this recommendation relating to the accessibility of existing footpaths, noise and lighting issues relating to the proposed buildings.

The Councillors of the Committee said they sympathised with some of the objections but said that local people in Wythenshawe needed job opportunities. Councillor Brian O'Neill (Labour) acknowledged that the Airport had made similar promises to the people of Wythenshawe in the past - promises which had not materialised. This time, Councillor O'Neill insisted the Committee would be holding the Airport to account.

Councillor Mary Di Mauro (Lib Dem) raised another of concerns relating to the loss of biodiversity at the sight and questioned whether a more appropriate brownfield site could have been found on the Roundthorn Estate to the north of the Airport.

Referring to the online petition against the plans, Councillor Eddie Newman said that many of the objectors did not live in Manchester and were, "ideologically opposed to airport expansion."

Residents and campaigners will be making representations to the Planning and Highways Committee meeting in due course, but in the mean time will continue with plans for a Wildlife Walk on Saturday 3rd November 2012.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

World Logistics Hub planning application to be discussed at Wythenshawe Area Committee - 25th October 2012

Manchester Airport's planning application for a World Logistics Hub will be discussed at the Wythenshawe Area Committee meeting this Thursday 25th October 2012. The agenda can be downloaded from Manchester Council's website:

The meeting is scheduled for 7.30pm and is open to members of the public and we encourage people to attend. It will be held at:
The Wythenshawe Forum
Forum Square
Wythenshawe, Manchester, M22 5RX

As we understand things, the decision on the planning application will not be taken by the Wythenshawe Area Committee.  However, comments from the meeting will be taken to the Planning and Highways Committee meeting on 22nd November 2012 at Manchester City Council.  This committee will decide on the planning application.

There was also this note on Page 14 of the application. "The Highways Agency are currently reviewing the submitted documentation and as such have served an Article 14 notice on the City Council which prevents the application being determined before 5th November 2012."