Analysis of 'Airport City' Enterprise Zone - A report for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (July 2011).  Looks at the economic, employment and environmental impacts of the proposed Airport City scheme.  Useful in relation to 'World Logistics Hub' proposals at Sunbank Lane.

The Need for Land – Find out exactly how Manchester Airport wants to expand, in which places and in what order. This document is the airport’s response to Manchester City Councils ‘Local Development Framework’. (June 2010)
Airport Jobs: False hopes, cruel hoax – A report by economist Brendan Sewill.  It explains that the Government’s claims that airport expansion will help create thousands of new jobs to help the country through the recession are based on unreliable statistics.  In fact, it finds that if the expansion results in more UK tourists going abroad then the forecast growth in air travel is likely to lead to a net loss of jobs in this country.
The Expansion of Regional Airports – The 2009 briefing paper from Airportwatch
Victory Against All the Odds – The story of how the campagin to stop a third runway at Heathrow was won. (July 2010)

RMT Report on High Speed Rail as alternative to Airport Expansion


The Great Aviation Debate - October 2007 - Manchester Friends Meeting House
A debate exploring the aviation industry, climate change, local and national economics.  Plane Stupid and Manchester Climate action question the dangers of business-as-usual, domestic flights and airport expansion plans in light of scientific evidence that aviation is a large contributor of CO2 emissions. 

Includes speakers Kevin Anderson from The Tyndall Centre, Vanessa Hall from Manchester Climate Action, Callum Thomas from The Centre for Air and Transport, Angie Robinson from Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Robbie Gillett from Plane Stupid and John Twigg from Manchester Airport. 

Introduced by Colin Sykes from BBC North West Tonight. 

The event was held at the Friends Meeting House and was hosted by Manchester Climate Forum.

Kevin Anderson - Tyndall Centre

Robbie Gillett - Plane Stupid

Callum Thomas - Centre for Air Transport and the Environment

Councillor Vanessa Hall - Manchester Climate Action

John Twigg - Manchester Airport

Angie Robinson - Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

World in Action - Through the Cake Hole (1990s)
Great documentary made for the BBC about the protest camps against the 2nd runway in 1997.

World in Action - Through the Cakehole from sams on Vimeo.

Rose Cottage Tea Party - October 2008 

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