Local Threats

Airport expansion poses a significant threat to local homes and communities.  Manchester Airport wishes to expand the World Freight Centre on the south side of the airport.  This will involve the demolition of local homes at Hasty Lane and Sunbank Lane.

Local homes at Hasty Lane

The above picture outlines the threat to Hasty Lane.  Local resident Peter Johnson has lived at Breeze Hill for over 20 years.  In January 2013, he was issued an eviction notice by Manchester Airport, who wish to demolish his home to begin construction of new freight sheds in Spring 2013.

The World Logistics Hub at Sunbank Lane
At nearby Sunbank Lane, Manchester Airport are pushing ahead with plans to concrete over former greenbelt land to build new warehouses, office units and over 1500 carparking spaces.  This was also involve evicting local tenants, who received notice in early February 2013.

Residents and environmental campaigners have been vocal in their opposition to the scheme which they say will destroy homes and valued greenspace as well as increasing carbon emissions and noise pollution from the Airport's freight sector.

A view of Sunbank - November 2012.

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