Saturday, December 1, 2012

Manchester City Council approve plans for 'World Logistics Hub'

 Manchester City Council have approved the outline planning application for the 'World Logistics Hub' at Manchester Airport. The decision was made by eleven City Councillors of the Highways and Planning Committee meeting on Thursday 22nd November 2012.

At the meeting a local resident and representatives of Ringway Parish Council addressed the Committee to object to the plans. They raised concerns on a number of issues, from loss of greenspace to increased traffic and noise pollution in the area. Prior to the meeting 106 letters of objection had been written to the Planning Department.  Despite these concerns, the Councillors made the decision to approve the plans, as well as over 800 signatures on an online petition.

In a message sent after the meeting, Audrey O'Donovan, Chair of Ringway Parish Council said, "It fell on deaf ears, the application was approved and the warehouses and car parking spaces will be built on our beautiful 90 acres of countryside. Save Sunbank and Ringway Parish Council did absolutely everything we could to try and stop this and our core group worked extremely hard, digging for information, writing letters, leaflet dropping, talking to the press, talking to Manchester Radio".

The main issue raised by a member of the Committee was from Councillor John Flanagan, who expressed concern about the potential traffic impact around Sunbank Lane. In response to this point, the Committee decided to authorise the Head of Planning "to amend and add to the conditions where necessary", for example to put in place conditions on maintenance of the ecology mitigation zone, or on traffic restrictions.

No comment was made by the Committee on the increase in carbon emissions from an expanding Airport.

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