Tuesday, October 23, 2012

World Logistics Hub planning application to be discussed at Wythenshawe Area Committee - 25th October 2012

Manchester Airport's planning application for a World Logistics Hub will be discussed at the Wythenshawe Area Committee meeting this Thursday 25th October 2012. The agenda can be downloaded from Manchester Council's website:

The meeting is scheduled for 7.30pm and is open to members of the public and we encourage people to attend. It will be held at:
The Wythenshawe Forum
Forum Square
Wythenshawe, Manchester, M22 5RX

As we understand things, the decision on the planning application will not be taken by the Wythenshawe Area Committee.  However, comments from the meeting will be taken to the Planning and Highways Committee meeting on 22nd November 2012 at Manchester City Council.  This committee will decide on the planning application.

There was also this note on Page 14 of the application. "The Highways Agency are currently reviewing the submitted documentation and as such have served an Article 14 notice on the City Council which prevents the application being determined before 5th November 2012."

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