Saturday, June 8, 2013

Peter Johnson leaves Hasty Lane

Having fought to save his family home for more than five years, Peter Johnson has finally been forced to leave Hasty Lane.  Manchester Airport plans to demolish two properties at the site near Hale Barns to build more freight sheds - after receiving planning permission in 2009.  As the Manchester Evening News reported however, Pete left on his own terms, refusing to give back the keys to the Airport, who own both properties, until he had completed the large task of moving all his contents out.  Peter vacated the premises in May 2013.

He said, "Without all the support of family, friends, groups like SEMA and all the other interested parties, I couldn't have hoped to resist what I still see as a criminal act, for as long as I did.  People will have to judge those responsible when we have no green areas left, and our lives are dictated by politicians and business for their narrow and selfish interests only. We allow that to continue at our peril."

Meanwhile, the Airport has begun felling trees at Sunbank Lane to make way for the World Logistics Hub.  Manchester Airports Group also made their submission to the Davies Commission into national aviation capacity.  More updates coming soon.

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