Friday, October 26, 2012

Wythenshawe Area Committee 'recommends for approval' World Logistics Hub

Objectors to the World Logistics Hub made representations to the Wythensahawe Area Committee last night.

Residents from Ringway Parish Council, Hale Barns, Cheadle, Chorlton and other parts of Manchester raised a number of concerns to the 12 City Councillors relating to loss of green space, the inflated job creation figures in the Airport's proposals, the lack of consultation in removing the specified area out of the green belt, the threat of rising emissions from the Airport, the likelihood of increased traffic in the area and other issues.

In the end, the Committee members 'recommended the application for approval', which will now be sent to the Planning and Highways Committee at Manchester City Council for a final decision (possibly on 22nd November 2012). The Committee attached a number of conditions to this recommendation relating to the accessibility of existing footpaths, noise and lighting issues relating to the proposed buildings.

The Councillors of the Committee said they sympathised with some of the objections but said that local people in Wythenshawe needed job opportunities. Councillor Brian O'Neill (Labour) acknowledged that the Airport had made similar promises to the people of Wythenshawe in the past - promises which had not materialised. This time, Councillor O'Neill insisted the Committee would be holding the Airport to account.

Councillor Mary Di Mauro (Lib Dem) raised another of concerns relating to the loss of biodiversity at the sight and questioned whether a more appropriate brownfield site could have been found on the Roundthorn Estate to the north of the Airport.

Referring to the online petition against the plans, Councillor Eddie Newman said that many of the objectors did not live in Manchester and were, "ideologically opposed to airport expansion."

Residents and campaigners will be making representations to the Planning and Highways Committee meeting in due course, but in the mean time will continue with plans for a Wildlife Walk on Saturday 3rd November 2012.  

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