Monday, October 19, 2009

Rose Cottage Saved - now time to save Hasty Lane from the expansion of Manchester airport

Wythenshawe Area Committe meeting
Thursday 22nd October 2009

Wythenshawe Forum

The Save Rose Cottage campaign team met with Manchester Airport management in June 09, who said that they were dropping the application to demolish Rose Cottage.

However, they said that the cottage would be brought inside the expanded airport perimeter and wouldn't be tenanted.

In September 09 we were sent new plans that showed that Rose Cottage will now be outside the airport perimeter, and could remain tenanted.

This meant that whilst Rose Cottage was saved, Peter Johnson's home - Breeze Hill, is one of the two to go under the new plans.

The Wythenshawe Area Committee will meet this Thursday 22nd October 2009 at the Wythenshawe Forum at 7:30pm. They will discuss the application and vote on whether to adopt the planning officers recommendation to approve it.
Regardless of the outcome, it will still go to the main planning meeting in November, where the future of Hasty Lane will finally be decided.

For more information and campaign history see: The Save Rose Cottage Website

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