Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flashmob Success

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Manchester Politics Society coverage

MEN Report

SEMA Press Release


Over 100 campaigners staged a colourful flashmob against airport expansion
at midday today outside Manchester Town Hall. The group included London
campaigners opposed to the expansion of Heathrow. The flashmob was timed
to coincide with the Labour Party Conference.
At 12.45 precisely the campaigners stripped off to reveal red t-shirts
with the words ‘Stop Airport Expansion’ emblazoned across them. They then
lay down to form the words 'TAKE TRAINS' with their bodies.
The protest marked the public launch of the recently formed 'Stop
Expansion at Manchester Airport' (SEMA) group (1).
Robbie Gillett, from SEMA, said, "It is madness to be expanding airports
when the threat of climate change is hanging over us. Manchester Airport
is already responsible for the same amount of CO2 emissions in one year as
the entire economy of Uganda. More flights at Manchester will mean more
emissions and more noise for local communities."
John Stewart, Chair of HACAN, the London group which campaigns against the
expansion of Heathrow Airport, said, "This Flashmob marks another step in
our high-profile campaign to stop expansion at Heathrow. It also shows how
campaign groups are linking up to oppose expansion plans across the
The flashmob was inspired by similar events at the opening of Heathrow
Terminal 5 and outside the Department for Transport in London earlier this

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